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Frequently Asked Questions

Owning and installing SPORTURF is easy and the benefits are long term.  Have some questions around turf – we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.  Please reach out to us if we have not answered your question – we would love to help!

Is Astro Turf the same as Artificial grass?

All the names including “astro turf” refer to the same item or product that is artificial grass. Artificial grass is a carpet of green synthetic fibres that are made to look like real grass. These days, artificial grass is the most common “umbrella” term used to describe all kinds of manufactured grass. “Quora”

Why a FIH (International Hockey Federation) certified field?

You as the customer demonstrates your commitment to the sport of hockey and you get the following :

  • Independent quality assurance of the construction of the field and hockey turf installed
  • Demonstration of best practice that your field meets international standards
  • Increased worldwide promotion of your field through your presence on the FIH website.
Why a FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Certified Field

Artificial playing surfaces tested in the laboratory and on the field according to FIFA Quality Programme stringent test criteria can be called football turf. This means that the systems fulfill the quality requirements for football in terms of playing performance, safety, durability and quality assurance.

Can I get finance to construct and install an artificial sports field?

Yes, SPORTURF can put you, the Client, in contact with prominent people that can assist with facilitating the finance process at banking institutions in South Africa.

Can the artificial football surface be used for other events?

Yes, the artificial football turf can be used for all kinds of events without damaging the quality of the football pitch, provided that correct maintenance procedures are followed.

Can artificial hockey turf be used for other sports?

Yes, the artificial hockey turf can be used for other sports as it is predominantly a sand dressed surface. Tennis is the most common sport played on the sand dress surface.

How do I maintain my artificial sports field?

Specialised maintenance equipment supplied by the manufacturer’s country agent will be required to maintain your field on a daily basis and a bi-annual deep clean.

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