Sporturf was appointed as the professional consultants to the Desert Group for the reconstruction of the pitch at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium.

Sporturf conducted tests to the requirements with regards to the materials and assisted Desert Group with the procurement of various materials, machinery and other items necessary to construct the pitch to the required specifications for the GrassMaster™ to be installed into the completed profile.


The scope of work for the construction of the layer works included the excavation and exposing of services. All irrigation heads were removed. The existing grass and a top 150 mm layer was removed by excavator. A further 200 mm of sand was removed along with all irrigation piping and cables. All in-filed drainage piping was removed and the connection to the existing storm water pipe network was protected for re-use. Removal of a further 350 mm below existing turf level was done and all levels were checked with laser guided equipment. Flushing of existing drainage system and storm water piping was done to ensure all pipes were clean and free flowing. Irrigation supply was tested for supply, flow and pressure. New drainage sump was installed for pitch water collection.

The new layer works and services installations included the sub-base being shaped and leveled to a “turtle-back” shape with a 0.5 % fall from middle of the pitch to all four sides. The sub-base was compacted. The new irrigation system pipe network was installed to a depth of 200 mm below final sub-base and ensuring that all sprinkler connections protrude up to 500 mm above final surface level. A 750μm multi-cuspated drainage sheet with geo-textile blanked; overlapped to ensure total sealing of the sub-base and prevention of contaminated water / fluids entering the system. As there is a high water table below this system will also control the contamination of the medium from below. Drainage pipe lines installed at the sides of the pitch and connected to the new drainage sump system. A 50 mm thick gravel was imported and shaped to ensure a fall of 0.5 % to all four sides. Specified sand growing medium was imported, spread and shaping to all sides with a laser guided leveler.

Seeding was done with cool season grasses and included a variety for the shaded area. An in depth grow-in program was followed for ensure fast recovery and deep root establishment.