Natural Hybrid turf


SPORTURF, with over 25 years’ experience in the Specialized Sports Surfaces Industry, will be able to offer you the highest quality natural turf surfaces available in South Africa.

With years of experience on International Level Sports Stadium Surfaces as well as heavily used school and club fields in Southern Africa and the hot regions of the Middle East, we will be able to cater for your every need including but not limited to Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis and any other sports surface.



Sporturf assists the Clients in planning, designing, implementing and maintaining specialized sports surfaces for High Profile Sports Facilities.

Sporturf consulted with Desert Group, Kuwait for the reconstruction of the stadium pitch at Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium in Kuwait.

Sporturf is also consulting with Desert Group, Kuwait on the maintenance practices for 9 stadiums with practice fields; namely :- Jaber Al-Ahmad, Al-Qadsia, Arabi, Kazma Soccer Club, Federation, Al Nazar, Salmiya, Jahra, Kuwait Stadiums.


SporTurf will Project Manage large scale sports field construction and re-construction projects of Stadia focusing on hotter regions in Africa and Middle East.


SporTurf consults on an ongoing basis for the daily maintenance procedures, including primary and secondary practices to ensure high-level sports turf playing surfaces.

In consultation with Desert Group Kuwait Sporturf is consulting on the maintenance practices and procedures for 9 stadiums including practice fields at Jaber Al-Ahmad, Al-Qadsia, Arabi, Kazma Soccer Club, Federation, Al Nazar, Salmiya, Jahra, Kuwait Stadiums.

Desert Group Kuwait and Sporturf provides the client with state of the art machinery, equipment and other practices necessary to maintain these pitches; in these extremes climatic conditions which may vary from 0 deg C in Winter to 60 deg C in Summer. These extreme climatic conditions make it necessary for the use of cool and warm season grasses dependant on the season and the smooth transition between the species twice a year; without causing too much disruption on the field of play.


Sporturf consults with the Tarkett Sports Team from GrassMasterTM Hybrid Systems to ensure the stabilizing of high profile natural sports surfaces.

GrassMaster Hybrid Grass Solutions were installed in 5 of the World Cup Stadia in South Africa between 2009 and 2013.  Newlands Stadium was installed in 2001 making it one of the oldest GrassMaster fields worldwide.

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